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UK Skilled Visa

The United Kingdom skilled worker visa was established to facilitate the entry of highly skilled foreign workers into the labour market of the united kingdom and their subsequent acquisition of permanent residence in that country.

They will be eligible to acquire an offer letter without the labour market test and stay in the UK for up to five years if they are granted this visa. Skilled workers from other countries may be selected for this visa if their occupation is on the shortage occupation list.

Benefits of Skilled Visa

This year will provide a number of significant chances for immigration to the UK. The nation has new initiatives in the works, including ones called Global Business Mobility and Scale-up. This will result in the creation of new visa categories as well as the consolidation or modification of some already existing options. Access would be made easier with the implementation of the new High Potential Individual visa.

  • High Potential Individual route: It is a visa for students who have graduated from a top global university. It allows them to enter the UK without a job offer and work without restrictions, offering them the possibility to settle in the country if they meet certain criteria.
  • Scale-up route: It is a visa for talented candidates having a job offer from a qualified scale-up
  • Simplifying the Innovator route: Introduction of a fast-track program for businesses with growth potential Allowing more flexible options for funding and an opportunity for the applicant to work outside the primary business.
  • Global Business Mobility: New Global Business Mobility route for overseas businesses.

The UK government has laid out all these plans as it aims to make the UK a global innovation hub by 2035. The introduction of this new fast-track visa for recruiting overseas talent would be “very important or vital” for the growth of its economy and employment.

Apart from these, the country is also facing labor shortages in many areas and hence it will rely on UK immigration for highly skilled foreign nationals.

Documents required

  • The applicant’s Certificate of Sponsorship [CoS] reference number
  • Proof of knowledge of the English language
  • A valid passport [or other documents that establishes the applicant’s nationality and identity]
  • Job title
  • Annual salary
  • Occupation code of the job
  • Name of the employer
  • The sponsor licence number of the employer

Check your eligibility

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