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Experts in the fields of migration, law, and counseling make up the management team of Ranar Migration Center (PVT) LTD, and they have access to a variety of expertise and resources. The moving solution we can provide as a team is second to none.

Our number one priority is to ensure that every one of our customers is fully happy with the service they receive from us. When you come in for the first time, you’ll get access to the most recent and most important information, as well as free assistance that can speed up the process of reaching your goals. We’re here to support you as you follow your ambitions in whichever field you choose.

As one of the best visa service providers in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we take great pride in assisting our clients in obtaining entry visas to a plethora of various countries. Because we care about each customer and hold ourselves to the highest standards, we can guarantee a pleasant and problem-free transaction.

Our Way


All people, regardless of race, religion, or cultural background, have the right to pursue happiness and success. Providing our customers with the guidance and tools they need to achieve their goals is important to our business. We believe that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to succeed, so we work tirelessly to remove roadblocks for our clients and help them weather difficult times.


Our mission is to assist people in making informed decisions about foreign travel, study, employment, and relocation in order to become the greatest service provider in the business. In order to gain the trust and loyalty of our customers, we focus on personalizing our services to each individual’s needs.

Our Team

Our Ranar Migration Center is driven by a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who possess a deep understanding of the intricate processes and challenges involved in migration. With a shared passion for helping individuals and families embark on new beginnings, our team combines expertise with empathy to deliver exceptional services.

Fathima Wazeera

Fathima Wazeera is one of the pillars of the Ranar family. She is a director of Ranar Migration Centre (Pvt.) Ltd. She began as a manager and was quickly promoted to the position of director due to her unwavering commitment.

Her marketing abilities and client interactions are outstanding. She is mostly responsible for the company’s current strong reputation and growing business level. She is crucial in Ranar administration. She has a plethora of expertise dealing with visa-related concerns.

Her areas of specialisation include marketing, accounting, immigration, management, and administration. Her alma mater is the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM Council of Education).

Wazeera is exceptionally talented.  She rapidly gathers new information and is adaptable to various situations. She is able to work under pressure and is an excellent team player who has mastered the nuances of analysing problems and difficulties and finding solutions to any potential problems.

Her participation in extracurricular activities, which have brought fame and esteem to her alma mater, has earned her a glowing recommendation from the college from which she graduated.

Kunasegaran Piranavan

Kunasegaran Piranavan is an immigration counselor at the Ranar Migration Centre. He has been counseling Study permits and Visit Visa Applications to several countries including Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. His professional guidance extends to all related matters of their visa problems and issues.

Piranavan hails from Valalai West, Atchuvely in Jaffna.  He has undergone training in Computer Software and has a very good knowledge of Computer Literacy. 

Counseling, immigration, student recruitment, and marketing are among his areas of expertise.

Shabnam is an migration counselor at Ranar Migration Center and she plays a role as a counselor for Study permits, visit and business visas and skill migration.

With a solid academic foundation achieved through the esteemed Cambridge education system, Shabnam Muzammil is a seasoned professional known for her dedication, expertise, and exceptional contributions in the field of migration.  

Shabnam Muzammil is recognized for her ability of effective communication skills to explain complex immigration processes to clients in a clear and understandable manner, Ability to work with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds, demonstrating sensitivity and respect for different perspectives and Fluency or proficiency in relevant languages can be a valuable asset, particularly for handling clients from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Shabnam Muzamil
Indeewarie Rathnayake

Bringing a wealth of experience in immigration, Indeewarie serves as a Migration Consultant at Ranar Migration Center (Pvt) Ltd, specializing in Australian Skilled Migration. Leveraging her extensive background in visa handling and customer care, she ensures that clients receive exceptional service tailored to their unique needs.

Indeewarie is highly regarded for her adeptness in providing top-notch consultations, recognizing the criticality of time in the immigration process. She commits herself to streamlining clients’ immigration journeys, enabling them to swiftly realize their professional ambitions.

Driven by a passion for helping individuals achieve their dreams, Indeewarie possesses a profound understanding of immigration protocols. She excels in delivering comprehensive immigration solutions, showcasing a steadfast dedication to fostering her clients’ success in their pursuit of Australian Skilled Migration.

Shabnam Fazal

Shabnam Fazal is a migration counselor and documentation officer of Ranar Migration Center (Pvt) Ltd.

She possesses a great knowledge of Islamic and Applied Banking and Finance. Her wealth of expertise and experience in the banking industry helps Ranar clients to coordinate their financial dealings. Due to her communication skills and her ability to interact with others, she performs well under pressure, our Team of Consultants views her as a valuable addition to the group.

Shabnam Fazal is a seasoned professional renowned for her commitment, expertise, and outstanding contributions to the field of migration. She has a firm academic foundation attained through the esteemed Edexcel education system. She is experienced in student university admissions and visa documentation processes.

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Although we deal with customers, clients, agents and partners in numerous countries all over the world we are continuously looking to extend our global reach and are always delighted to explore new territories and markets.

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