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RMC is dedicated to placing the needs of our customers, as determined by RMC, at the forefront of every decision and advice that we make. Being able to provide advise that is both honest and reliable is key to our principles. After going over their intentions for immigration with one of our licenced or registered consultants, each of our customers is then led and protected throughout the entire migration process.


There are four ways of becoming a New Zealand citizen, only one of them is relevant for migrants.

  • Citizenship by birth in New Zealand
  • Citizenship by descent Adoption
  • Citizenship by grant
  • Partnership Visitor Visa / Resident Visa

    The partners and dependent children of New Zealand Work Visa and Study Visa holders are eligible to apply for a temporary entry New Zealand Family Visa. To be eligible to apply for this visa, you must first satisfy a number of requirements first.For instance, you will only be eligible for a partnership visa if Immigration New Zealand is convinced that you are in a real and stable relationship and that you have been living together with the purpose of making the partnership last. A visa may be granted to a child’s dependent parent or parents if those parents are able to demonstrate that they are entitled to support the visa application and meet the standards given forth

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