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The documents required for a Visa interview will depend on the nation and type of Visa that you are applying to. The documents that are most commonly required are:

  • Original Passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity after arrival to the overseas nation
  • All expired Passports
  • 1 photograph both hard and digital copy as per the specification
  •  The Visa application confirmation page stamped at the VAC
  • A valid receipt of Visa fee payment
  • Printout of appointment letter for the Visa interview

To deter illegal immigration and other criminal behaviour, as well as to maintain order within a country, visa restrictions are in place. A visa application process allows authorities to investigate potential visitors in depth. People may try to illegally enter a country with better economic prospects in order to find job there.

- Australia = AUD 50,000 - AUD 75,000
- Canada = CAD 30,000 - CAD 50,000
- UK = GBP 22,000 - GBP 45,000
- Germany = EUR 12,000

Australia : Kaplan / Federation University / Swinburne 
Canada: UNBC / IBU / Yorkville
UK : Teesside / University of Bolton / Leeds Trinity

Bachelors: 6.0
Masters: 6.5

Australia  = 1 - 4 months
Canada = 1-6 months
UK = 1-6 months
Germany = 1-4 months

Even though students are able to generate income through part-time work, it is very unlikely for you to cover your tuition fees completely. The reason that many governments in foreign countries allow students to work part-time is just so they can get relevant work experience while making some income for their personal expenses during the stay. The immigration requires student to show financial proof before applying for Student Visa, is for their tuition fees and living expenses. If students are having trouble saving money working 20 hours a week. There are many cash-in-hand jobs available for students in any country.

Visa requirements might vary widely from country to country. You probably won't need to apply for a visa in advance if your home country and the country you plan to visit have a visa agreement. Apply for your visa early in case your home country doesn't have a visa agreement with your travel destination

A visa is required if you plan to visit a country that does not have a visa policy that is compatible with your own.
Many countries' visa policies and reciprocal agreements make it possible for citizens to freely travel between them.

The visa policy of a country is the set of regulations that establishes the parameters for entry. It's possible that citizens of some countries will be exempt from needing visas to enter, while citizens of others will be required to obtain one. Most visa policies are bilateral, meaning that citizens of both nations are granted visa-free entry to the other country, however this is not always the case. There are no universally applicable rules for establishing visa policies. However, key deciding variables include diplomatic ties to the other
country, the country's history of illegal immigration, and economic and touristic considerations.

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